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This time I will tell you a little about my daily activities over the years. Maybe I will tell my daily activities of the semester yesterday until the present. But sometimes I have a nature that is a bit slacker with my daily activities, and it made me ashamed of myself, so although I will often try to fight the feeling lazy, often times I was also defeated by the laziness.

Daily activities when I was college lectures is running. Every day I wake up at around 6 am (it was sometimes awakened by the alarm) when I get a schedule of lectures in the morning about half-past eight in the morning. Although waking up at 6 in the morning I often go late in the lectures, as I was feeling lazy phrase that makes me be late, where after waking up I still used to relax on the bed for about half an hour, after I see the clock is showing time half 7 that my routine I do is watch the morning news, because it is one of my hobbies. I watch the news less than half an hour, then half an hour later I use to bathe. And finally left for college about an hour and a half and 8 am to campus around 8 am, when the college began at half past 8 in the morning. And for activities during the first semester of college I usually use to study and work on assignments.

Besides lectures daily activities I was exercising. Usually within a week I took myself to play futsal 1 to 2 times a week, and usually at home I also took time to play lifting weights for some time. I think a week without exercise body feels a little bit heavy to move, and that’s why I love to exercise such thing.
In addition to exercise, everyday activities I use to play games as refreshing of assignments, both online games and games available in the gadget. Because I think the game could help refresh the brain of day-to-day activities that require mind.

Actually I would rather spend his time at home rather than spend the time to hang out outside the house when there are no events. Because I think it helps oranng old home is an obligation for me, and often I was also asked by my parents, both petrified for wiping the dishes, sweep, and as a driver I often do at home when I’m not there any activity at home.

That’s a little story in my daily activities while in the home, or outside the home, hopefully a little story of my daily activities can be a benefit to the reader friends.


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